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The Clear Lake Gem and Mineral Society holds regular monthy meetings at the Clear Lake Park Bldg. 5001 NASA ROAD ONE, Seabrook, Texas on the third Monday of each month, beginning at 7:30 pm. Every meeting includes a presentation/lecture by noted and expert people in different fields of Mineralogy, Geology and Lapidary. All are welcome to attend.

-A monthly newsletter delivered either electronically or through the mail.
-Access to a library of books, videos, and DVDs on topics of interest to the club.
-Check out of Club Lapidary Equipment
-Socializing with people who share the same interests.
-Monthly meetings with informative programs.
-Field trip opportunities.
-Being affiliated with a regional and national organization.

Membership Dues:
Adult $15.00, Junior $5.00 Family $20.00 [All at the same address];
Send Dues to

CLGMS, PO BOX 891533, Houston, TX, 77289

Membership Application: (.pdf version)


CLGMS, PO BOX 891533, Houston, TX, 77289

MEMBER: American Federation of Mineralogical Societies & South Central Federation of Mineral Societies.

HISTORY: Founded in 1974 in the Clear Lake area.


To promote education and popular interest in the various earth sciences; in particular in those hobbies dealing with the art of lapidaries and the science of minerals, fossils and their associated fields.

The CLGMS is an active part of the Clear Lake City and Greater Houston Community. Besides our monthly meetings at which special programs on the Earth Sciences are presented, there are many activities that involve CLGMS members. We maintain an active role in helping the community by supplying books and periodicals that deal with Earth Science related matter to local libraries and schools. On request, members will give lectures and talks on Geology, Mineralogy, Faceting, Cabochon making and other related material. We also have periodic workshops where various rockhounding skills are demonstrated.  Always active, the club takes periodic field trips to collecting sites for rocks, minerals, and fossils. The CLGMS also helps our young people by awarding three $2,000 scholarships each year to worthy college students working in the field of Mineral Sciences.

Come by and see us - We love to have visitors.

Pictured below are Past SCFMS President Chuck Schuler and Past CLGMS Member Chair Dick Rathjen at an official function.


2020 Officers and Chairpersons for the CLGMS
President  John Caldyne Vice President David Tjiok
Treasurer Morgan Davies Program Director David Tjiok
Secretary Trina Willoughby Annual Show Chairman Sandra Christiansen
Editor David Tjiok Publicity Cyndi McGowen
Directors Sara Tanner Sandra ChristiansenJim Edwards
Directors John Caldyne Donna Nelson Jim Hawkins
Constitution & Bylaws Sara Tanner Community Benefits Charlie Timme
Equipment Vacant Historian David Tjiok
Library Vacant Membership David Tjiok
Refreshments John Caldyne Publisher David Tjiok
Field Trips Anna Brownfield WWW System Admin Mike Flannigan